Special Web Applications


PHP / Asp (Classic)


Webhq and Webv will load on our servers both the web application and the empty database for the web applications listed below.  Our clients don’t have to upload the app or the database for these apps.  But the administration of these apps is the responsibility of the client.  We do NOT support the application configuration or internal setup required getting the app useable.  There are support web sites for all of these apps and each client must go there to get any assistance they need to get the app configured.  We cannot help with the app itself.


We also load other apps that our clients may have but each one is considered individually for its compatibility with our network and servers.  These other web applications must be already in a useable state.  We cannot configure the app software or the database associated with the app.  Each case will be considered at the time that the software is submitted and tested. 

WORDPRESS.com has all kinds of site applications  $16.99 /mo hosting

PhPBB.com  forums application   $16.99/mo hosting

SMF.org  forums application   $16.99/mo hosting

Pd9soft.com MEGA BBS  forums application   $16.99/mo hosting

Similiar sites would cost same.  Web apps are all unique and some are not supported

Above prices are for entry level sites.  Existing site with substantial data base volume are higher in price.
Prices go up based upon traffic, bandwidth, percent of server capability used.


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