What is our corporate goal or "mission statement"?

I always thought mission statements I have read were really corny. But we think we have a legitimate one. Our number one goal is to make it as easy as possible for our clients to get their site on the Internet. Too many times, the general public has horror stories to tell about some aspect of trying to install their site on a web hosting company's servers. We charge a little more but we do what you don't and shouldn't have to know how to do to have a web site or other network solutions.

Other web hosting companies have 150 page PDF files with instructions how to get your web site working on their servers.  Yes, they have 150 page documents for you to read.

All you have to do to get your web site on our servers is to upload it to us. We scrub your site files for Trojans, Viruses, and Worms. Then we install your site files on our servers and configure the server so your site will work. We maintain, monitor, service, upgrade, secure the server and do all other steps necessary to keep the server running. You do not have to learn anything about servers.

 What do we sell and how do we sell it?

Our companies provide product / service solutions! We don't sell bits, bytes, and pieces of computer hardware and software for you to rent, subscribe, or lease. You don't need to choose what CPU, memory, hard drive, or software. We provide your end goal solution. We figure out how to do it and what to use. You don't have to figure out anything. That's what separates us from every body else in the web hosting and web services business. And we continuously maintain the servers and network. You don't need to do that either.


Do you provide unlimited everything like other companies?

No, and neither do other companies. Read their terms and conditions and you will find that their advertising hype does not match their T&C. Companies would go broke quickly if they actually did what they advertise.

 What other products do you provide?


We provide dedicated hardware and software installed servers for companies that want to own their servers and install them on their property. We 100% maintain and support it too.


We also provide Intranets to businesses and other organizations that want an internal web app network isolated from the Internet. Web sites and web applications can be run on these Intranets without fear that outsiders can hack and see sensitive information. Only employees that management determine can see and use information on Intranets.  Intranets are small isolated networks that are not connected to the Internet. These networks usually use VPN technology to connect your internal network to our servers.


What services don’t you supply?

We are a cloud company in the sense that we provide web services remote from you.  What we don’t do is provide any kind of SAAS, IAAS, PAAS, Storage as a service, etc..  In other words we don’t provide for the running of applications on our servers that were traditionally run on your local PC’s and Networks.  There is no Office, Desktop, or other applications run that you would use as if they were run on your computers.


Do your servers have state of the art virtualization and container technology?

Our networks are proprietary! We do not divulge any details about how our servers and network is built nor how they work. When companies explain publicly how their data center is built they are cutting the time that hackers need to spend to hack a network. The less a hacker knows about a network, the harder it is for them to hack it. We constantly monitor our network traffic and watch hackers at work. Then we block them. We also block certain IP address ranges which are predominately in China and Russia where most hackers work. We also look for proxy servers trying to access our network from the Internet.  We only allow data on our servers that is public and that will be displayed so we aren't sure why hackers would want to hack our web sites anyway. 


Are your servers on the Cloud?

Web hosting and network services companies ARE the first Cloud. Web hosting companies were cloud companies well before anybody used the word CLOUD. In fact, web-hosting companies were cloud companies long before MICROSOFT, AWS and IBM were ever cloud companies.

However, there is one huge difference between the general concept of remote computing and web site hosting and how today’s Cloud companies operate.  Cloud companies rent YOU hardware and you have to supply an OS and you have to configure the web server you have to load onto the Cloud server.  Cloud companies will provide what they call “managed cloud” where they configure some of the software but this can become very expensive.

We go way beyond the managed cloud concept.  You will have a hard time finding another company like ours that will do everything for you after you upload your web site software.  And we do it for much less than a managed cloud company will.


If I have a web application like a forum, who configures the forum software?

Our clients are responsible for configuring their web site functionality through administrator screens by logging into the administrator account in the software. All web apps have an admin account, which allows clients from their web browsers to log in to the admin web site account, which exposes the admin pages, which allow the site to be configured. We do not configure web apps nor do we provide support. There are literally thousands of web apps and there is no way we can be familiar with all of them.

But most web apps have support sites for free web apps like Wordpress, PHPbb, and other common web apps. The programmers, themselves, usually provide support. We configure the servers and network for your apps to run on the Internet not the apps functionality itself.  These support sites are usually manned by the actual programmers at least some of the time and the others are usually very knowledgeable beyond what most people needing help are used to getting.


What if I have a Mysql database associated with my web site?

Our clients must upload it along with the web site files. It is very important to be aware that our clients must upload a BACK UP  made by the database server. A database can't be just copied from the files on the computer where the database resides.


How can I test my site before I upload it to you?

If you bought your site from a developer, they should have tested it fully. If you used web site making software and made it yourself, you should be able to preview it on the web application software. Most web site development software programs have the ability to emulate a web server so the software it produces can be tested.

If necessary, you can download Cassini or IIS express from us. These are limited use web servers you can load on your computer to test your site. These servers can't be used as normal web servers on the Internet. Unless you are very computer literate, you probably will need help from a web site support person to use these server emulators. Your web site files must work correctly before you upload them to us or you will have to upload them again after they are fixed and there is a charge to do reloads.


 Do you guarantee up time or security of your servers?

Absolutely not. Any human made machine can fail. We designed our network to be very fault tolerant with backup networking equipment. We have a very good record of up time but we have no control over the thousands of companies that make up the Internet that provide millions of routers, switches, and data lines.  If suppliers of Internet service fails in any way we have no control over the outage.  All the 99.9999999% guarantees are nonsense that are made by other hosting companies


Many companies that provide web hosting service are really just resellers. Do you own your own datacenter with your own servers?

Yes. We own our own datacenter with servers, switches, routers, and other network equipment to provide web publishing and all our other services we provide to our clients.


Do you have itemized pricing for your services?

Not exactly. We don't overwhelm our clients with ultra detailed billing plans that literally need a computer to understand. We have multi level pricing which is determined by what percentage of our servers and network resources you use. Most new clients pay the Level 1 entry level price until such time the resources used exceed Level 1. We don't advertise ridiculous low prices like other companies do and then give you the real price in the small print in their Terms and Conditions. See our pricing page for details.


How is a database associated with a web app priced?

Database server use are priced as a package with the web site itself   Note, that there is no additional charge for storage space required for what the database consumes until the storage used becomes very high and beyond our original expectations for the level you are being billed.


Are there exceptions to the flat rate pricing levels?

There is pricing based on the specific service.  We provide many services beyond web site publishing.  See our price page.


Is pricing the same for Intranets, video streaming, and your other services?

We have flat rate pricing for most of our services but some aren’t simple pre sale flat rates.  Some services are based upon many factors which our clients choose as part of their needs.  These kinds of services are quoted after all factors are known.


How do we pay you every month?

We use Pay Pal as our payment processor. You do not need to have a Pay Pal account and if you do you don't have to use it. You may pay by credit card through Pay Pal to us. Pay Pal is very easy to use and there are no costs to you when you use them to pay us. Pay Pal is very secure. We do not see any of your credit card information nor do we store it. Only Pal Pal sees your account info along with the credit card companies of coarse.  This is a major difference between us and other companies that store all kinds of information that you give them.


Do you require contracts?

No. There are no specific time span contracts required for most of our services other than month to month billing. Rarely, there could be contracts required if unusual support costs or new investments are required to meet a clients requirements. All of our normal provided services are based on month to month billing. You can pay, for convenience, for more than one month up front but service is still month to month. When we receive a payment, that payment is posted for the next calendar month's services. If you miss paying the month before, your site may not work for a month.   Some fees for domain names, for example, are priced for yearly use and therefore they are not a monthly billed item.  Most fees for products we get from other companies are billed yearly with no proration or partial refunds  if you cancel or we cancel you.


How long does it take to get a new site working?

If you use a free domain name from us, it usually takes only a few minutes after we create your domain.  If a new name is provided from a Registrar though us, the domain name will take between 1 to 5 days to work depending where in the world a user is that uses your domain name.  These time estimates are valid AFTER your site is loaded and configured on to our servers which can take 1-2 days.


If there is any down time due to maintenance or failures, do I get a partial refund?

No. The Internet has millions of pieces of hardware, software, and thousands of companies that make up the Internet. Sometimes they have failures, which may affect us. This is normal and to be expected. We have redundancy in our networks and our down time is very low. We do scheduled maintenance between 12am and 3am EST and sites are down only for a short time to do what is necessary. So parts of our network may go down for a few minutes during maintenance periods. 


How do I communicate problems or make information requests to you?

We have a central support email address and a service ticket system in place to process problems, requests, site changes, and other activity. This will be outlined and explained after your site is operational. We continually monitor these channels.


If I want to move my site to another company, can I do it?

Of coarse. You need to keep a clean copy of your web site. We will do a backup of your database if you use one for $25 and down load it to you.  You can cancel at any time but you are not refunded any money paid to us.  There are no prorated or partial refunds once you pay us.


Are any use or traffic statistics provided to us about our web site traffic?

 No. We think that traffic stats are completely useless, and of little to no value. No one can know who is really visiting your site indicated in typical traffic stats. But by putting some special offers in your web site that only visitors will see and later use can give you much more accurate view of the visitors that come to your site. See our page about how we think you should make your web pages more effective.  Google analytics can be added to your page.


Do you protect our personal information that we submit to you on our application?

Not only do we protect it, we keep it 100% unconnected to the Internet.  After you upload your application, we physically move the PDF file that you email to us, to another internal network that has no connection to the Internet.  The internal network can not be hacked from the outside Internet.  There is absolutely no path for connection to the Internet.

We require all payments to go through our payment processor, Pay Pal, so we don't even get any of your credit card or other financial information.  It stays with your bank, the credit card co. and Pay Pal.  We see none of your financial information and therefore we don't store any of it.


Do you have phone support if I get stuck with a problem I can’t solve?

No?  That’s correct, we do NOT have phone support for technical problems because we do everything on our server for your site.  So you should not have any problems with our network that you need to take care of yourself.  That is the whole point of the way we do web site publishing and hosting.  We do have a closely monitored email system that allows us to respond to a concern about how your site is being displayed or if there are any problems getting to your site that we haven’t detected yet.  We monitor everything on our network as if everything was ours.


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