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We have some tips that may save you some time and help you make a very effective web site and publishing experience.

In case you were wondering, we do NOT make web sites.  The text, which is your true content, should be created by YOU not web site developers.  Only you know your business, products, services, and organization.  Nice sounding generic information on your site is worthless.


… recommendation

If you are still putting together your site please keep the following in mind.  Web site visitors come to web sites for generally one reason, which is to get information about your products, services, or organization.  Visitors don’t hang around a site very long if all they read is a never ending sales pitch, lists of features and benefits, claims and phony testimonials, and other marketing based stuff.  Keep industry jargon to a minimum.  Tell your visitors everything you would want to know about a product or service that you might want to buy.  A nice looking web site is very valuable but content, content, content are what visitors stay to read and come back to read some more.

… can replace a lot of boring text

Humans like pictures.  Putting lots of RELAVENT AND HELPFUL pictures that give a pictorial form of information is most useful.  Use lots of pictures and you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

… offers are nice

Put some free offers into your web site that encourages visitors to come to your store, office, or to telephone you to receive a free gift of some sort.  This will test the effectiveness of your site content.

…..update your site regularly

Change or add to your site at least a few times a year.  As your products and services change, so should your web site.  No body wants to come to a web site and read stale old news.

…..don’t trick your clients

Don’t try to bait visitors to call your “sales people” for more information.  Why do they have to do that sort of thing.  Why can’t they read it on your site.  Sorry sales people, buyers don’t like salesman pushing them to buy stuff when they aren’t ready yet.

…..delay before your site shows itsSelf

When will your web site become visible and useable depends on a few factors.  We are in the Eastern USA time zone. When are you uploading your site and database backup to us?  If we are providing to you a new domain name from a Registrar, it can take 1 to 3 days before the domain name begins to work.  Before we can put your site software on our servers it must be scanned, tested, and certified.

… pull people to your site

Please keep in mind that traffic must be driven to your new site.  Put your web site URL on every piece of paper you give out like business cards, advertising, info sheets, sales receipts, signs plastered every where in your store or office, EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING PRINTED.  Tell people you have a web site and give them a reason to check it out.

…..promote your site

A web site helps sales and interest in your organization but Google is not going to send lots and lots of people to your site.  New sites end up on page 150,000 when some one does a search for some thing that may bring up your site.  Sites that end up on page 1 of a Google search are sites that don’t need the advertising.  It’s kind of a catch 22.  Again, you must promote and drive people to your site.

…..don’t panic

Give a new site about a year before you make any drastic changes to your site unless you think your site is all wrong from the beginning.  In a lot of ways a site is an experiment.  Its is not always obvious what works best.  A web site can be a continuous work in progress that never ends.

…..ask and be informed

It does not hurt to ask people if they find your site useful.  Sometimes you have to ask, people may not want to criticize your site until you ask.  Criticism is good.  Your site is for your clients not you.

…..don’t ruin the atmosphere

Try to keep one theme and don’t sell totally different kinds of products on one web site.  It may be cheaper to cram everything on to one site, but having radically different stuff on one site can be a disaster.  For example, don’t sell wedding services on the same site you sell burial plots.

…..penny wise, pound foolish

We sell a PREMIUM type of service.  You don’t get something for nothing or can you?  Our services cost a little more but how much is more and how much is 2 or 3 hours of your time a month having to administer your site on another hosting company that makes you do everything assuming you know how to do it.  With us, you do virtually nothing.  Just pay us once a month.  We have to eat too.

…..Intranets are the best kept secret

There are a lot of ways to do something.  For example, do you know the benefits of having an intranet site, which is a site that is only visible to your own group, not the whole Internet, without having to have your own on site server and software.  An Intranet site can have a lot of information on it that your people don’t have to call for or visit departments and waste a lot of time.

…..web sites get you published, on the cheap

Web sites are methods to allow any body the ability to publish information to the general public around the world for very little money.  It used to cost huge sums of cash to use news papers, radio or TV ads, books or magazines, direct mail to just contact relatively small numbers of people, historically.  Try a web site for everything you want to publish. It’s dirt cheap to communicate using the Internet compared to what people had just 20 years ago.

… much is too much

Be careful and consider how much information you want to put on a web site about yourself or friends or family.  If you consider social media, it appears that too many people put too much personal information on line.  This can come back to hurt you.  Kids put information on Twitter and Facebook that can easily allow complete strangers to find where people live, work, or go to school.  This is not always good.  Use good judgement concerning how much you want to reveal about yourself.

… the fine print

When you go to the various web, database, email, and other services based companies, you will see some of the most ridiculous prices advertised, but always with an asterisk.  To call this stuff deceptive advertising is a gross understatement.  You need to go to the very, very fine print and get the real story before you “sign up”.

…..when should I get my own server

This snippet can have 2 interpretations.  One is when is it time to have a whole server to yourself from a company like Webhq.Us.  And the other one is it ever a good time to have my own server on my premises.  Having a server on your premises is probably not a good idea unless you already have servers and a trained data and IT staff to maintain a web server.  If you think you want to have a whole server from us, it is better for you to wait until we suggest it to you.  When your traffic requires a lot of bandwidth and the load on your web site requires all the power of a server just for you, then it’s time for your own server.

…..will my bill go up with more traffic

Yes, billing increases at a point where a threshold is reached.  We bill based upon what percentage of a server and it’s bandwidth is used by a client.  We divide the resources of a server by 5, and those 5 steps are each a threshold that when passed, will require an increase.  We will notify you when that happens.  New web sites from small companies usually don’t require an increase before a year is up and maybe not then.

…..are we a cloud or not

We don’t use our servers to run computer applications like Office, Windows desktop and other software that would have normally run on an office computer.  We run web apps like phpBB and other forum and blog software, which is always run on servers not on office or home computers.  Of coarse we serve normal web site files / pages too.

…..why aren’t good passwords used

The use of poor security level passwords is a huge problem.  Some very big corporate sites were hacked because an administrator set a very weak password and hackers guessed it quickly.  A password is a software key.  Nobody would put a very flimsy lock on their house or business, but these same people will use a weak password on their business computers.

…..https support

Secured transfers have become not so secure.  Problems with the supposed secured https function have caused us to stop using this protocol.  The web people are supposedly working on a new or better version and if that comes to fruition, we will look at it again.  Our clients don’t really require or just need this protocol, so it is not missed.

… careful of free stuff off the web

There is a lot of free software of all kinds offered on the Internet.  But be careful.  Some of it has malware, Trojans, or just plain viruses.  Some of it has all kinds of other free stuff that gets loaded you don’t want and may be difficult to get rid of it.  Companies that sell software but give away limited versions of their software are most likely legit.  They want you to learn to like their free software so you buy the more powerful version.  They are not interested in annoying you with bad free software.

… web hosting reviews

Did you know that there are sites that supposedly have reviews of other web hosting sites but the sites that are reviewed as top sites pay the sites making the reviews to put them at the top of the heap of all hosting sites.  So much for unbiased reviewing.

… it worth making my own web site

Maybe.  If you have some good graphics software experience and are pretty good at it, making web sites with some decent software can be very successful.  But if your creative side lacks originality and creativity then maybe you should let somebody else make your web site.  But you should write all the text on your site, no matter who creates your site, to give visitors the information they will be looking for on your site.

…..what’s in a web domain name

There is a lot in a domain name when it’s short.  A short easy to remember domain name is much better than a domain name you have to write down because you forget the exact spelling.  And even short names can be hard to remember.  Use an easy name if you can.

…..are search engine submission companies legit

Yes and no.  They may submit your site information and charge you for doing it but that doesn’t mean there is any tangible benefit.  When a web site becomes active, most search engines will find your site quickly.  Unfortunately that doesn’t mean much.  Search engines gather and index site information but it probably won’t get in search results any body is going to see any time soon.  If you want people to come to your site, you must promote your site and drive people to it yourself though unmerciless advertising of your site’s existence.

…..can hit counters tell who is coming to a web site

Not really.  Software, which monitors data packets coming and going from a web site, can’t tell who is really requesting web pages.  All that software can determine are IP addresses and knowing that much tells you nothing.  A lot of traffic is from web crawlers that collect web content and index it.  If someone comes to a site to read its content, it is very hard to determine a human is reading it and who the human is, a potential customer, or someone just stumbling on to a site with no interest.




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