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In order to contact us, send us an email to

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Always include your domain name(s) to identify your account.

Always use your personal identification number.

Please use detailed composed emails so we can determine exactly what you may be referring to.  We are not psychics.  Unless you make your emails detailed, complete, and clear we can’t give you an accurate response.  When you state the problem, simply describe what you see, not your interpretation of what you see.

We use phone calls only in rare instances.  Emails get first priority since we can send and receive them at any time of the day but phone calls can be made only at select times during local day time hours and we simply don’t have the time to play phone tag for routine business communication.  Also, a large percentage of our clients are located at every corner around the world.  Phone calls are not practical.  Email works everywhere all the time.

Keep in mind that unnecessary communication takes us away from routine and problem solving activity.  We closely monitor our hosted sites, network traffic, down time, and other parameters.  Contacting us to tell us about problems we already know about doesn’t help.  We don’t give estimates for when a problem will get solved because if we knew, we would know what is causing a problem and we would have fixed it.

If we are experiencing a problem that will not be solved within 1 hour, we try to find alternative ways to contact all users if there is a total network failure.  If it is an individual or isolated problem we will send emails out with a confirmation that there is a problem and we know about it.



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